Larnaca Flights  
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Cheap flights are available for the tourists to come to northern part of the island, popularly known as Northern Cyprus or North Cyprus. There are many airlines which offer flight routes for the sole benefit of the tourists or the travelers who would like to spend their couple holidays or beach holidays in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia or Northern Cyprus Famagusta.

Northern Cyprus has become much more accessible than it was previously because there are now options for the tourists or the travelers to come to Northern Cyprus landing on Larnaca International Airport. You can have the choice to take a direct flight to Larnaca from anywhere in the UK or across the globe and come to Northern Cyprus.It depends on your choice of holidays. If you are coming to the south part of the island then your flight from UK will land on Paphos International Airport or Larnaca International Airport but if you have plans to spend your holidays in North Cyprus or beach holidays in Northern Cyprus then you can choose to come to this north part of the island that is North Cyprus via Turkey as well.

There are over 140 flight routes for the tourists to select from. You can be sure of receiving the best of the flight dealings when you choose to come to Northern Cyprus when there are any discounts form these airlines. Usually there will be discounts through out the year but during summer holidays flight rates to Larnaca would usually be a bit higher but affordable. Visitors would love to know this that from Larnaca international airport it will take you just an hour or an hour plus thirty minutes to reach Northern Cyprus Famagusta or Northern Cyprus Kyrenia.

You can even choose to come Northern Cyprus via Turkey. It is to be stressed here that cheap flights from UK are available for the travelers but these flights to Northern Cyprus will usually land for half an hour or so in Turkey first and then you can reach Ercan International Airport. Flights to Northern Cyprus travel through turkey and the tourists or the travelers have to wait for half an hour so to reach to Northern Cyprus.

It should also be said that the flights to Cyprus are more or less taken over by the companies who offer you charter flight services. If you are looking for cheap Larnaca flights then you can possibly have the choice even to accept a favorable Northern Cyprus holiday package.

It is recommended that you book your flights to Larnaca sooner as sometimes availability of cheap flights to Larnaca is for a shorter period of time and and if you don't want to lose this chance then you will have to act faster. Book your ticket to Larnaca at the right time. Flight prices for Larnaca flights goes down especially in the months of winter season. See for discounts when you have plans to come to Northern Cyprus during the most favorable holiday season that is summer here.